On 22nd -27th February 2020, GigaDevice participated at the international exhibition Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg. The GD32VF103 RISC-V core MCU series attracted impressive attention and won the title of the best hardware product of the year!

GigaDevice GD32 MCU is the leader in China’s high-performance 32-bit general-purpose microcontroller market and China’s largest Arm® Cortex®-M MCU vendor. GigaDevice, for 7 consecutive years, is the first to release China’s Arm® Cortex®-M3, Cortex®-M4 and Cortex®-M23 core MCU product series. In October 2019, launched the world's first RISC-V based 32-bit general-purpose MCU products and continues to provide best in class technical support and delivery services for its users worldwide.

GigaDevice booth at Embedded World 2020 Nuremberg

Our visitors had the opportunity to discuss with the GigaDevice expert team about all the new technology trends, explore our products and demo solutions and witnessed the world’s first RISC-V 32-bit general purpose MCU.

World’s First RISC-V MCU

GigaDevice is a Silver member of the RISC-V Foundation, a member of China RISC-V Alliance and a member of China RISC-V Industry Consortium. GD32 MCU uses optimized RISC-V commercial cores to provide a series of world-leading products, while it provides high performance, easy-to-use and cost-effective MCU. In addition to this, GigaDevice provides a complete development ecosystem so that its users can easily develop their application efficiently.

GigaDevice RISC-V seminar was fully booked during the show, presented by Reuben Townsend EMEA FAE Manager

The RISC-V open source ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) has drawn a lot of attention in the industry, whilst the GD32VF103 series RISC-V core MCU is a brand new MCU product for the market. The GD32VF103, a new member of the GD32 MCU family, is a commercial 32-bit general-purpose MCU using the RISC-V core for the first time in the world. It differentiates from soft core solutions implemented on FPGAs, but is similar to the Arm core General-purpose MCU and now in mass production.

Embedded Award 2020

The new GD32VF103 RISC-V MCU is well suited for the new market needs that have emerged, such as the need for open-source architectures and the need for new chips in the IoT market. The new RISC-V MCU can help the users to differentiate their products from their competitors and provide new solutions. The GD32VF103 can offer an innovative solution in IoT, Consumer, Industrial, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Vertical Market.

GigaDevice Global Sales Vice President Mr. Michael Haidar receives the Embedded Award 2020

The nominees, who compete for the 2020 hardware category award, included the GigaDevice GD32VF103 series RISC-V core MCU, the ITEN SA energy class ITX121050B from ITEN and the STMicroelectronics’ STM32WL chip.

Embedded World’s judges, composed by eight world-renowned experts and scholars, have shown their recognition for the international popularity and leadership of the GD32 RISC-V core MCU. They have recognized the GD32VF103 series MCU as the best hardware product and consequently won the Embedded Award 2020.

This award strongly illustrates the significance of this product in the MCU market for the future of the embedded world. The award was presented by Thomas Preutenborbeck, Vice President and Professor of Messer Messe Nuremberg and Dr. Axel Sikora from University of Offenburg who served as Chairman of the Embedded World Jury and Advisory Committee.

Embedded Award 2020

Embedded World 2020

Embedded World is the world's largest exhibition of embedded electronics and industrial computer applications, as well as the world's largest exhibition of embedded systems. It has significant importance on the development of the embedded professional economy and the industrial development of the European Union.

As an annual event in the embedded industry, it brings together the world's top software and hardware manufacturers. The exhibition is divided into four major display themes: hardware, tools, application software and services, and for each category is going to be a final winner.

Furthermore, the exhibition covers many fields such as Industry 4.0, automation, motion control, human-machine interface, Internet of Things, cloud computing, medical electronics, smart home, motor control, smart metering, industrial communication, etc., from semiconductors, embedded boards, industrial computers to various Industry intelligent systems, as well as IoT solutions, provide a platform for the display and exchange of the most cutting-edge technologies and trends in the world today. It provides a unique platform for display and exchange of the most cutting-edge technologies and trends in the world from semiconductors, embedded boards, industrial computers to intelligent systems in various industries, and IoT solutions.

Embedded World 2020 exhibition site

For more information about the Embedded World 2020, please use the link: https://www.embedded-world.de/en

For more information about the Embedded Award 2020, please use the link:https://www.embedded-world.de/en/news/press-releases/winner-embedded-awards-0dhccwe30m_pireport

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