The 2020 Electronica China was held on July 3 - 5 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. This year's theme is "Integrated Innovation, Smart Future" to gather new industry trends and build a comprehensive display platform for the entire industry chain of electronics. GigaDevice primarily showcased three of its product lines at the Exhibition.

GigaDevice – GD32 MCU has become the mainstream choice for the 32-bit general-purpose MCU market in China, featuring a wide portfolio of Arm Cortex-M and RISC-V core based MCU’s. With the current GD32 MCU product portfolio, which consists of 24 series and over 350-part numbers, has shipped more than 400 million units to over 20,000 customers.

At the Electronica Shanghai, GD32 and its global partners brought multiple product solutions for applications ranging from AIoT, motor control, industrial Internet and other fields. The vibrant ecosystem has attracted many industry experts and engineers to the GigaDevice booth.

· A complete ecosystem unlocks the potential of AIoT

The GD32 family provides industry-leading MCU product series and continues to strengthen its complete development ecosystem, providing strong support for all aspects of user learning, development and production. The GD32 development ecosystem includes development boards, debugging tools, software libraries, a rich documentation, design services, turnkey solutions, training, seminars, university laboratories, courseware and on-line competitions. The increasing prosperity of the ecosystem has also further promoted GD32's leadership in the 32-bit MCU industry.

Among the rapid development of products and ecosystems, new markets and new applications emerge in the era of 'Internet of Everything' including smart homes, smart appliances, smart cities, smart medical care and smart agriculture, etc...

GD32 is more adapted to the user behavior of the new generation of engineers, help to bring their creativity and unlock the innovative potential of AIoT.

The GD32 ecosystem combined with global partners’ solutions offers powerful resources which include a wide variety of operating systems (RTOS), graphical user interface (GUI), Integrated development environment (IDE), development kits, security components, cloud connection, information transmission, intelligent processing, and other AIoT application hotspots. They can all be found at the dedicated technical website;

This time our exhibits included the open-source AWTK (Toolkit AnyWhere ) GUI engine, the SylixOS real-time operating system, the Bear Pi IoT development kit, the MultiZone Security and Isolation solution by Hex-Five.

The above finger-clamp oximeter uses the GD32E230 value-line MCU series. With a recent surge in demand for medical monitoring equipment, time-to-market is critical for producing infrared thermal monitors, forehead temperature guns, oximeters, and disposable breathing detectors when the MCU is an indispensable part of the BOM solutions. GigaDevice has excellent supply chain management to assure the flexible and stable production of all its GD32 MCU products.

The MultiZone Security component of the US Hex-Five cooperation provides a quick and safe way to add security and separation to the GD32 Cortex-M devices. The robotic arm above demonstrates the MultiZone functionality, providing hardware-enforced, software-defined separation of multiple trusted execution environments.

One of the highlights is the introduction of the RISC-V evaluation kit collaborated with IAR Systems from Sweden. The evaluation kit is based on the GD32VF103, the world’s first standalone RISC-V MCU in mass production, along with the I-Jet Lite debugging tool. Among them, the industry-leading IAR Embedded Workbench development environment (IDE) brings balanced processing, reduced power consumption, and optimized code density to GigaDevice RISC-V MCU users, making it ideal for various AIoT application development.

· Intelligent motor control accelerates industrial integration and innovation

The manufacturing industry is important to the economy. A motor, the most widely used electrical equipment, is a crucial component for the manufacturing industry. Additionally, the motor industry is pushing the envelope of achieving higher efficiency, high reliability, lightweight, miniaturization and intelligence. Under the impact of the wave of automation and intelligence, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain are actively seeking breakthroughs and the semiconductor industry is also ushering in new opportunities for the integration and innovation of core devices.

Motor control has always been an area of focus for GD32. The GD32 products integrate independent multiplier and divider operation units, high-precision timers, hardware accelerators, supporting three-phase six-wave PWM waveforms and FOC algorithms. They also have built-in high-performance ADCs, high-speed op-amps, and comparators. With the feature-rich peripherals, GD32 MCU products not only accelerate the development of motor applications but have quickly become popular in the domestic market.

At the show, we also exhibited different solutions including the wireless inverter vacuum cleaner, high RPM motor control and a high-precision, high-reliability three-phase BLDC motor control. All of which are solely developed by GigaDevice.

To achieve intelligent motor control and provide a total solution, GigaDevice has also developed various types of smart motor drivers. They integrate multiple half-bridge drivers with high precision adjustment, current sensing, temperature compensation and overcurrent protection to drive high-side and low-side MOSFETs. A DC-DC regulator and controller are also built in the chip to provide power for the MCU and the peripherals. This new product series will be officially launched in the market in the second half of this year.

· The Industrial Internet help to guide the future

The Industrial Internet is to realize the full interconnection of "people, machines and clouds", a cross-network system of the Internet of Things and the Internet. At the same time, it is also a breakthrough for the deep integration of industrial automation and informatization. Emphasize the realization of "data circulation" to realize the digitization, automation, intelligence and networking of industrial production processes. Accelerate the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet, focuses on the goal of intelligent manufacturing and accelerates fundamental changes in manufacturing production methods and corporate forms are expected to enter a golden period of development.

The edge layer, platform layer and application layer are the three core layers of the Industrial Internet. As the core of real-time control applications for industrial equipment, GD32 MCUs are now widely used at the edge layer of the industrial Internet, including advanced control process and energy consumption management, intelligent testing and motor control, distributed network and field bus, wired and wireless network security connection, power transmission and transformation, power compensation, etc. This makes industrial control more efficient, convenient and reliable.

The electric power industry is a representative field for the industrial Internet to achieve large-scale applications. A three-phase smart meter solution based on GD32 MCU was showcased. Besides, we demonstrated a solution with JOSH operating system that supports integration, real-time, multitasking and multithreading. Using JOSH on the GD32 MCU allows users to develop real-world running applications by using the extensive API and drivers provided for all the hardware support required by typical applications.

The bus-type integrated waterproof closed-loop stepper drive motor and industrial-grade stepper driver were also displayed above. GD32 supports the latest closed-loop control algorithm and frequency conversion technology with high-performance processing capabilities. Compared with the fixed current operation mode used by ordinary stepper motors, closed-loop control will adjust the current of the motor in real-time according to the load and speed conditions. It has immense advantages of low vibration, low noise, smooth operation, low heat generation and high response. It is widely used in industrial robotic arms, intelligent manufacturing, new energy technologies and other industries.

The above industrial servo motor driver solution using the GD32 MCU, with the characteristics of high speed, high precision, fast response, rich protocol, second feedback full closed-loop interface, etc. Mainly used in CNC machine tools, industrial robotics, new energy vehicles, packaging machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, animation game machines, automated production lines and other fields.

GD32 is building an "MCU one-stop shop" to provide users with the most comprehensive system-level products and solutions. GigaDevice will continue to design and innovate the best-in-class GD32 MCU products and will strengthen the MCU ecosystem to anticipate what the future holds.

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